Tips for cleaning your gaming chair

9/17/2019 | 2 min. read

To ensure that you enjoy your RECARO Exo for as long as possible, we recommend regular cleaning. If a stain does creep onto your seat while you are playing, we have collected a few tips for you that will make your gaming chair shine again.

Cleaning the gaming chair’s fabric cover

We recommend that you give your gaming chair a thorough cleaning 3–4 times a year. Depending on what type of gamer you are and how often you play, the frequency may vary.

General tips:

  • Remove dust and crumbs with a (handheld) vacuum cleaner on a medium power setting.
  • Always remove stains as quickly as possible to avoid penetration into the fibers.
  • Smaller stains can usually be treated with lukewarm water and a clean microfiber cloth.
  • If too much moisture has gotten onto the fabric cover, it is best to wipe it up with a kitchen towel or tea towel.
  • Stains (e.g. cola, etc.) are best removed with commercially available dry foam cleaners or a mild detergent.
  • When cleaning the cover, follow the instructions provided by the cleaning agent’s manufacturer. After cleaning with foam cleaners, the cover should be left to dry for at least 48 hours.
  • Only dab the fabric; do not rub, so that the fibers are not pulled out.
If applying liquid during cleaning, use a dry cloth to absorb both the moisture and dirt
If applying liquid, use a dry cloth to absorb both the moisture and dirt

Cleaning the other parts of the seat

  • The armrests, base, castors, and gas spring can also be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth (the cloth should not be too wet).
  • After that, dry the chrome parts on the armrests, footrest, and gas spring of the Exo FX and Platinum with a clean microfiber cloth, as they tend to develop water stains when air-dried.
  • When cleaning the gas spring, be careful not to damage it. Only the non-greased parts of the gas spring should be cleaned.
  • If hair gets caught in the castors of the gaming chair, the castors can easily be pulled off as they are only clipped on. The hair can then be removed with scissors, for example.

Care and maintenance tips for gaming chairs

  • The same recommendations apply to gaming seats as to office chairs, for example:
  • To prevent fading of the fabric covers, the seat should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Excessive heat also damages our gaming seats, as it does all gaming chairs, so avoid placing it directly next to a heater.
  • Regarding maintenance, we recommend checking the screws of the armrests regularly (approx. every 6 months) and tightening them if necessary.

Follow these tips and your RECARO Exo will look like new for a long time.

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