Easy assembly

RECARO stands for a straightforward design philosophy and intelligent seating concepts. These high standards are reflected in how easy it is to assemble and operate our products. Our RECARO Rae has been thought out down to the smallest detail.

recaro-rae operating comfort

Simplest assembly

Assembly is just as uncomplicated as operation. The RECARO Rae is assembled and ready for use in just a few minutes. The low weight of the product makes it easy to handle within your premises and makes it child's play to lift the chair over uneven surfaces such as cables or carpets.

Intuitive operation

The operating concept of the RECARO Rae impresses with its intuitive user guidance. All adjustments can be made in just a few steps via easy-to-reach controls.

This means the Rae can be perfectly adapted to your individual height, the resistance of the backrest adjusted to your weight, and switched between a free and fixed seat position.