Inspiring design

The design of the RECARO Rae impresses with its unmistakable colour and form language. It radiates visual comfort and combines safety, sportiness and aesthetics to create a very special appearance. At the same time, it remains discreet and fits perfectly into any type of living room, study or gaming room.

RECARO Rae Essential & Bright

Black is always in vogue. Based on our Exo top sellers, the Essential collection with its black colour focus offers timeless elegance as well as amazing adaptability to a wide range of room concepts, whether it's a gaming room or a home office.

The Bright variants of the RECARO Rae, on the other hand, are more expressive. They are the visual anchor of any space. Inspired by aesthetic traits from motorsports, the designs look energetic and full of performance.


The essence of the RECARO Rae is pure ergonomics, its appearance the work of our multi-award-winning designer. Our unique Rae is the result of more than 50 years of seat development, knowledge gained from the multiple test-winning RECARO Exo, and feedback from users and fans of our brand.