Lumbar support and anti-submarining hump

To ensure a secure hold and the best ergonomic properties at all times, we have incorporated further elements from the automotive sector into the RECARO Exo. The firm lumbar support helps your iliac crest and relieves your back even during long gaming sessions. The anti-submarining hill, on the other hand, is located in the seat cushion and, together with the seat shell and anti-slip textiles, always keeps you perfectly in position. These unique features ensure a level of comfort that is second to none.

The predefined positioning and shape make manual adjustment unnecessary—a result of our decades of expertise in seating.

That’s the ticket

A fabric cushion in the lumbar region? Countless adjustment options with the risk of no longer sitting with the right ergonomics? That’s not the case with RECARO Exo because it’s simply not necessary. The lumbar support is firmly integrated and always in the right place, without interfering or applying pressure. Your perfectly supported iliac crest will thank you! The anti-submarining hump, together with the non-slip fabric, ensures reliable support when the action heats up. Even when you’re sitting relaxed, you always stay in the right position and don’t have to constantly correct your position.

EXO gaming seat: Illustration of the lumbar support and anti-submarining hump