In RECARO Exo, we combine our expertise from more than 50 years of experience with the manufacture of seats from aviation and motor sports with the knowledge of e-sports professionals. The result:

RECARO Exo - The gaming chair of a new generation.

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The Exo offers unique individual adjustment possibilities for every situation, thanks to millimetre-precise configurability. No other chair allows you to act so precisely and thus to deliver the best performance with full concentration at all times.

  • Made in Germany
  • Top marks in individual or
    Comparative tests
  • German Design Award Winner
  • Next Level Gaming Chair
Design & Quality

Our seat has won several tests, has been awarded a design prize and is certified as an office chair. With its RECARO mechanics, breathable fabrics and high-quality components, the Exo is the seat that takes your performance to a new level, both for gaming and at work.

Which gaming type are you?
Versatile variants for
All performance requirements
  • Unique seat shell
  • Breathable materials
  • Four adjustable basic positions
  • Individually configurable backrest
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • Anti-submarining hump
  • Cold foam from the world of motorsports
  • 4D armrest with padding
  • Fiberglass-reinforced plastic base
  • Load capacity up to max. 150kg
The first level
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The upgrade
Discover Exo FX
  • All features of the RECARO Exo
  • + Innovative 5D armrest with aluminium carrier
  • + High-quality light metal aluminium foot support
  • All features of the RECARO Exo Fx
  • + Special rollers made of reinforced copolymer
  • + Mesh fabric accents
  • + High-quality breathable fabrics in the composite
  • + Seat shell in off-white or Pure Black
The maximum level
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Sitting more comfortably thanks to flattened seat shell

For the RECARO Exo, we have designed a special seat shell that combines the best elements from the automotive sector with the gaming market. The seat shell, in conjunction with the seat cushion, offers the finest ergonomics, supporting and relieving your body at the same time. Only in this manner can you achieve maximum concentration, even during long gaming sessions. Our experts deliberately chose the design of the backrest as it discreetly shields you from your surroundings.

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Breathable materials & seat padding

For the high-quality foam cushioning, we draw on our decades of experience in the automotive sector and combine it with breathable materials. This guarantees not only long-lasting seating comfort, but also a pleasant seating climate at any temperature. This know-how and the combination of materials ensure the highest level of ergonomics, so you can concentrate on what really matters: gaming!

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Anti-submarining hump

The best ergonomics and reliable support in any position. To achieve this, we have integrated an anti-submarining hump into the seat cushion, which was originally developed for the automotive sector. In our gaming chair, the hump, in conjunction with the anti-slip fabrics, ensures that your body does not slide off the seat, but instead stays firmly in position.

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Lumbar support

There is a fixed lumbar support in the backrest. This helps to maintain an upright seating position and provides relief for the spine. It also makes it more difficult for tired muscles to adopt incorrect postures when sitting for long periods of time.

This supports your upper body and keeps it in the optimal position. As a result, you do not have to spend unnecessary time and energy finding the right position in your seat, or adjusting your posture over and over, allowing you to fully focus on the on-screen action.

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Swing function

Our special swing function allows you to relax your back muscles. The radius of movement can be adjusted in two stages. The swing function is ideal for relaxed gaming.

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Seat height and spring force

The seat height of the RECARO Exo is fully adjustable to your desired seat height at any time. This makes the seat suitable for gamers of almost any height.

In addition, you can adjust the spring force of the swing function. There is a special rotary wheel on the right-hand side beneath the RECARO Exo for this purpose.

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The four seat positions

In addition to numerous individual adjustment options, the RECARO Exo also offers four basic positions. These have been created for different gamer types, activities, and genres. The positions “Attack,” “Core Focus,” “Core Relax,” and “Recharge” can be used for MOBAs, action adventures, leisurely building strategy games, or an evening watching your favorite show.

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Hand wheels on both sides

The seat has hand wheels on both sides. You can use these to continuously adjust the backrest to your needs in order to find the perfect setting for you—another important feature that we have borrowed directly from the automotive sector for our gaming chair.

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4D armrests (RECARO Exo)

The basic model has versatile 4D armrests. These support your individual playing posture and help to relieve the strain on your arms. The distance to the seat can be manually selected, and the height can also be adjusted to your preference. The seat can be rotated left and right by 30 degrees in each direction. The surface is also padded to increase comfort.

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5D armrest (RECARO Exo FX & Exo Platinum)

The RECARO Exo FX and Exo Platinum have innovative 5D armrests. These can be adjusted in terms of height and distance to the seat, rotated horizontally by 360 degrees, and folded away to the side and back to provide more free space when gaming. This makes our seats ideal for console gamers and PC gamers who play with a controller. The special soft-touch support pads are even a touch more comfortable than our 4D armrests for improved long-term comfort.

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