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About RECARO Gaming

Who is RECARO Gaming?

RECARO Gaming is the youngest subsidiary of the Stuttgart-based RECARO Group. What initially began in 2016 as a cooperative innovation project between the startup founder from the gaming scene and RECARO quickly developed into a new business field for the brand. In doing so, as a specialist supplier, we support the performance of all serious players—regardless of whether the focus is on passion or sporting competition.

Who is RECARO?

RECARO is the first established seating expert active in the gaming and eSports scene. “You drive better if you’re sitting comfortably.”

True to this motto, RECARO’s first sports seat in 1965 revolutionized automotive seating. Ever since then, products from RECARO have always been “First Of Its Kind” and are the benchmark in many fields: RECARO developed the first motorsport bucket seats, lightweight and highly comfortable aircraft seats, the first swiveling child’s safety seat, and even the lightest retrofit seat for sports cars. In the industries our brand serves, it’s all about being motivated by our competition to create innovative technologies and the best solution for your needs. Users who are always on the lookout for improvement and who seek the best equipment for their needs have also always trusted RECARO.

The RECARO factory team in 1908
Delivery of some RECARO aircraft seats.
RECARO motorsports seat

Feel Performance

With its seats, RECARO puts the focus on the user, and helps them perform at the highest level—in motorsports, for example, where the driver and the materials are subjected to the toughest conditions. As the largest contact surface between man and machine, the seat gives the driver direct feedback every thousandth of a second.

In gaming, too, you have a matter of mere milliseconds to make the right reaction—they are critical in determining victory or defeat. Like motorsports, eSports is a competitive sport where the equipment is crucial—maximum performance can only be achieved with the right equipment. Racers and gamers alike benefit from the perfect seating position that supports the body in such a way that enables full concentration on the race—or the game—over long periods of time without fatigue.

RECARO milestones

Innovations have a long tradition at RECARO : ergonomics tailored to requirements, optimal function and clear design are not only found in the RECARO motor sports seats or in the RECARO Gaming Seat. The brand lives and breathes performance in a wide variety of areas: RECARO has been developing seats for the automotive industry since 1963, aircraft seats were added at the beginning of the 1970s, and child seats followed at the end of the 1990s. The brand also offers 24/7 seats for continuous use in control and monitoring rooms to meet the very highest demands. The RECARO Exo and RECARO Rae are now continuing this tradition.

You play better if you’re sitting comfortably

Design & Development

What is good design? From RECARO’s point of view, good design unites aesthetics, function, and ergonomics; it’s when a seat impresses with its striking look—and boosts your gaming performance and concentration thanks to ergonomic properties and sophisticated features.

From the drawing board to the final product

Djunianto "Kiki" Ko, one of our most experienced designers, is responsible for RECARO Exo and RECARO Rae. Kiki has been with the company since 2005 and has been Head of Industrial Design at RECARO Holding since 2013. His successes speak for themselves. With his team, he has received several prestigious awards such as the German Design Award and the Red Dot Award. Kiki holds several RECARO patents for seats and aircraft cabin layouts.

Developed with the gaming community

100 hours of workshops, 5,000 surveyed users, extensive evaluation: from the very start, we worked closely with the gaming scene, collecting feedback throughout the entire development period—at trade fairs, on site in Stuttgart, and on Discord. We had community members sit on a prototype with special sensors, for instance, to determine the ideal seating positions for different types of players, from casual gamers to eSports professionals. We translated this feedback into the functions you see today in our gaming seat.

With an eye for quality

For us, design means quality down to the last detail. We use high-quality materials and components everywhere - even where you don't see them. The foam and mechanical components of the RECARO Exo, for example, come from our automotive division. There they have proven themselves a million times over. The rollers and mechanics are particularly quiet so that they don't interfere with your game. The RECARO Exo and RECARO Rae are made in Germany - design, development and production.

Set the scene with color

To ensure that the RECARO Exo and the RECARO Rae also blend in well with your gaming set-up or living room, we have spent months researching trends and have decided on different variants - from subtle grey to attractive red and blue hues and the turquoise of the Exo Platinum model. The slim shape of the gaming seats is further accentuated by the coordinated colour accents of the seat cushion and the surrounding decorative band.

Gaming setup with the RECARO Exo Gaming chair.

More than a piece of furniture

RECARO supports people where they want to achieve peak performance. The RECARO Exo and RECARO Rae are no exception. Our design team and ergonomics experts have designed the chairs to be a high-quality part of your gaming setup and home office. The chairs are therefore more than just a piece of furniture - at their best, they are a piece of sports equipment that can enhance your performance in the game. Learn more about this philosophy in our blog.

Designed with experience

For the RECARO Exo and RECARO Rae, we have assembled our best in-house team. For more than two years, ergonomics experts and award-winning designers developed our gaming chairs from scratch.

Sketch of the RECARO Exo Gaming chair