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RECARO Exo - assembly instructions

The assembly of the gaming chair from RECARO is very easy. With our step-by-step instructions, we show you how to assemble the high-quality individual parts into The RECARO Exo in just a few steps.    

Conveniently via video

The RECARO Exo offers unique individual adjustment options for every situation, thanks to millimeter-precise configurability. No other chair allows you to act so precisely and thus fully concentrated to deliver the best performance at any time.

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Seven simple steps to a gaming chair

According to research, it only takes six minutes to assemble the RECARO Exo. After all, assembling our seats isn't rocket science. In the instructions, we've broken down the assembly of the individual parts to eight simple steps. In no time at all, you can dive into the world of gaming and take on new challenges:    

Step 1

First of all, you should make sure that the components are complete. Open the packaging carefully with scissors, remove the individual parts and check whether all parts are present.

Step 2

First carefully remove the inlay with the base and the add-on parts and then the already preassembled seat assembly.

Step 3

Then it's time for the armrests. Here you only need 1x long screw, which you first loosely screw in. Now find the ideal distance between the armrest and the seat assembly and tighten the screw with the supplied Allen key.

Step 4

Then it is the turn of the base. Insert the individual rollers separately into the base with light pressure.

Step 5

Now the glass pressure spring follows, which is also mounted in the base. Do not exert any pressure so as not to damage the glass pressure spring.

Step 6

The entire construction is now installed in the chair. Insert the base with the gas pressure spring into the mechanism. 

Step 7

Last but not least, you should gently sit down on the seat to firm up the suspension. After repeating the 8th step, the gaming chair assembly is finished and you can plunge into the gaming pleasure.