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We focus on the highest quality for our products, the individual components, and the materials used. Due to design and production, individual product features may nevertheless vary slightly within this high standard. However, this does not negatively affect the quality of the product:


The stable and at the same time somewhat flexible construction of our backrests guarantees perfect sitting.


During transportation or assembly, the backrest may be slightly twisted in relation to the seat cushion. This does not constitute a defect in the seat; the backrest of the RECARO Exo can usually be realigned by pressing firmly against it.


The Easy-Lock system enables simple, quick, safe and tool-free installation of the backrest on the synchro mechanism. Unlock the adapter lever on the synchro mechanism to attach or remove the backrest. 

The adapter lever on the synchronous mechanism can only be closed again when the backrest is correctly positioned.

A tactile feedback/"click" indicates when the adapter lever is closed and the backrest is securely mounted.


  • Each of our seats is handmade to a high standard. In order to ensure the ideal padding tension for the right feeling of the seat, the seam might not always be completely straight.
  • Smaller creases can simply be smoothed out by hand.
  • RECARO Exo: Creases in the handwheel area of the RECARO Exo are possible due to the design and manufacturing process and do not constitute grounds for complaint. 
  • All our fabrics meet high standards in terms of color fastness. Nevertheless, fabrics fade due to intensive UV radiation. This is not a material defect, but a normal sign of wear for which no guarantee can be given.


  • The armrests support the arms and hands in the best possible way while gaming and during work using a variety of mechanical adjustment functions. Due to the design, all movable elements of the armrest may exhibit a minimal amount of play.
  • Play and wobbling of the armrests on the seat can occasionally occur if the fastening screws on the seat loosen slightly after some time of use. This can be remedied by regularly retightening the fastening screws. The tool required for this (Allen key) can be found behind the middle cover of the backrest


  • The high-quality mechanisms of our seats enable individual adjustment in the desired position using sophisticated mechanical and spring elements.
  • When the mechanism lock is open, the seat slides ergonomically forward and backward via the mechanism. Due to the design, quiet friction and rolling noises may occur, which do not constitute grounds for a complaint. 
  • A “clacking” noise when reaching the respective end position when tilted forward or backward is normal due to the design and does not represent an impairment in the function of our mechanism.
  • “Clacking” noises when engaging levers are normal, as is a slight play of the mechanism to the front and rear when locked.


Our seats are protected in the best possible way against damage during transportation by elaborate packaging. Minor damage to the box, such as scratches, small dents, etc., may occur during transport, but these will not damage the seat inside. This is therefore no reason to refuse delivery.