Gaming chairs from RECARO Gaming - RECARO Exo and RECARO Rae
Gaming chairs from RECARO Gaming - RECARO Exo and RECARO Rae

Gaming chairs from RECARO

Model overview of all seats from RECARO Gaming

At RECARO we offer selected gaming chairs. These are equally suitable for ambitious PC and console gamers, casual gamers, e-sports professionals and competitive gamers. These are also ideal as office chairs and for use in the home office.

More than 50 years of experience with aviation and motorsport seats have gone into the development of our gaming chairs. Our models RECARO Exo, Exo FX and Exo Platinum are even certified by TÜV as office chairs. All our chairs are Made in Germany and stand for the highest quality, ergonomics, seating comfort and performance. All models have gentle castors that are suitable for both low-pile carpets and hard floors.

An integrated lumbar support, the unique anti-submarining hill and breathable environmentally friendly fabric combinations of the highest quality are offered by all our models. Back pain, a squeezing seat feeling after several hours (or at high temperatures), as well as lack of concentration are a thing of the past with RECARO chairs!

The RECARO Rae - Award-winning Comfort

New in our range is our RECARO Rae, a real all-round talent among chairs. Whether as a gaming chair or office chair in the home office: the RECARO Rae offers a perfect ergonomic sitting experience and ensures optimum support for the back and individual posture. In everyday use, the synchronous mechanism is used to either choose from five predefined sitting positions - or the user enjoys the dynamic movement sequence. With its discreet design, it blends harmoniously into any living room or study.

The RECARO Rae is always easy and uncomplicated to operate. The desired setting is made in just a few steps and comfort is guaranteed.

In order to be able to ensure the important ergonomic support at all times and in the long term, a special environmentally friendly composite material is used for the RECARO Rae. In combination with our particularly dense upholstery foam, the anti-submarining hill and the lumbar support, this guarantees the best possible comfort.

The RECARO Rae is well thought out down to the smallest detail, as evidenced by the class IV gas pressure spring and the fibreglass-reinforced base, which ensures a load-bearing capacity of up to 150 kg.

Our RECARO Rae is offered in the Essential and Bright design versions:

The RECARO Rae Essential is available in three discreet but high-quality colour variants: Black, Grey and White. The Bright versions of the RECARO Rae(Blue or Orange), on the other hand, are more expressive. They are the visual anchor of any room. Inspired by aesthetic features from motorsport, the designs appear energetic and full of performance.

The RECARO Rae was crowned test winner by PC Magazin and PC Games Hardware, among others. Comfort that is also independently guaranteed - that is the RECARO Rae.

The RECARO Exo - Next Level in Performance

The RECARO Exo is our premium model, designed and developed from scratch. The goal: to deliver the best possible comfort with the highest possible quality, safety and individuality. All Exo models convince with the mechanism optimised by RECARO engineers, the unique seat and back shell, as well as the infinitely variable adjustment via hand wheels on both sides. These enable real individuality and numerous adjustment options, depending on preferences and intended use.

Another unique feature is the adjustable "attack" position, which provides ideal support for the body even when the body is tilted forward in a concentrated posture. The Exo provides relief and correct ergonomics through its well thought-out mechanics, shape and adjustment functions. Users who place particular value on individual adjustment options and premium design have come to the right place with the Exo.

All models of the RECARO Exo ensure top performance. Only ideal support and comfort ensure that users can deliver top performance at all times and for hours on end. All models also feature an individually configurable backrest and four adjustable basic positions.

Exo FX and Exo Platinum offer additional 5D armrests for further customisation options, as well as a light alloy aluminium base. The Exo Platinum offers additional design highlights and special castors for improved protection of sensitive floors.

RECARO Exo, Exo FX and Exo Platinum have repeatedly been chosen as test winners by the experts of the press. Among others, Chip and Computer BILD put Exo models in first place. Our Exo Platinum also bears the prestigious German Design Award.

Gaming chairs of the highest quality

The RECARO Gaming chairs were developed in cooperation with eSports professionals and gamers to meet the highest demands. The seats are made in Germany and, thanks to RECARO’s decades of experience, ensure the highest level of comfort and the best possible quality. Whether you’re into racing games or relaxed simulations and strategy games, our chairs support the best possible seating position for every genre, thus offering numerous advantages.

Thanks to a wide range of adjustment options, its own RECARO mechanism and lumbar support, the sitting posture is also optimised. The high-quality breathable fabrics ensure a pleasant sitting climate even at high temperatures and cleaning the gaming chair is child's play. Optionally available: The perfect cushion for the RECARO Exo - the RECARO Exo neck support.

The chairs are suitable for almost all body sizes and are designed for a weight of up to 150 kg. The ergonomic seat and generous width together with the anti-submarining hump ensure great support at all times. These and other features make the RECARO Gaming chairs ideal companions in the office, home office and especially in the living room or gaming room at home.