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The choice of gaming chair is crucial for gaming. With the right "Partner in Crime" under your buttocks, you too can climb to the top of the leaderboard! In the following article, we will equip you with helpful tips and tricks that you should consider before buying your gaming chair.

The gaming chair is not a simple seat. It is a chair designed based on years of experience and expert knowledge to ensure your gaming pleasure AND your back health.



Obsessed with performance - in business and gaming.

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The essence of the gaming chair reimagined. Individually adaptable to your needs.

Expert tips

5 Things Your Gaming Chair
Must Have

The gaming chair market has become almost confusing in recent years. If you separate the wheat from the chaff, what remains are high-quality products that are characterized by the following features:

Freedom of movement

Ergonomics in every fiber

Ergonomics focuses on adapting working conditions to the human body. Accordingly, monitor, desk and co. should be positioned and adjusted in a way that promotes a natural and healthy posture. 

The backrest should cover the entire length of your upper body and bend to a 90-degree angle. The firmly integrated lumbar support helps you to adopt the correct sitting position and prevents poor posture. This guarantees that you can concentrate 100 percent on what's happening on the screen and won't be distracted by stabbing back pain. 

The seat should not be too small, but should provide sufficient space. A flattened seat shell, lined with dimensionally stable premium upholstery foam, invites you to linger. 

If your elbows and forearms hover in the air while gaming, you not only run the risk of missing your target in the game, but your body will soon protest as well. 4D armrests emphasize the individual gaming posture, relieve the shoulders and neck muscles.


A gaming chair is subjected to intense stress. It is often in use for several hours and has to withstand strong movements and emotions. The sitting position is also changed again and again to get rid of one's own excitement and nervousness. 

If the individual components are not characterized by excellent quality and outstanding workmanship, they can quickly yield to pressure.

However, quality is not only reflected in the materials used. First and foremost, it is also evident in the design and user-friendliness. The developers of the RECARO Exo have taken inspiration from the automotive sector and adopted elements of motorsport. 

The optimised seat shell is reminiscent of the car seat of a racing car and the cold foam is the embodiment of comfort.

Furthermore, nothing should be left to chance during assembly. The customer should not be confronted with countless individual parts when opening the packaging. User-friendly gaming chairs are shipped almost ready for use and can be assembled in just a few steps.

Freedom of movement from head to toe

Everyone is different and a gaming chair should take that into account. A good and ergonomic seat can be infinitely adjusted to the appropriate height. Accordingly, the chair is suitable for people of all sizes. While short people can comfortably rest their feet on the floor, tall gamers prevent the collision of knees and chin.

But it's not just the legs and feet that should have sufficient freedom of movement. The arms should also be able to make themselves comfortable. Thanks to the adjustable multifunction armrests, the distance to the seat, the height and the position of the armrests can be varied. Depending on your physical features and personal preferences, the armrests can be adjusted.

Flexibility – between statics and dynamics

The human body needs support, but should also be kept in motion. This is ensured by gaming chairs that are equipped with the swing position. 

With their help, the seat can be tilted forward and backward and contributes to back health. If you are looking for less dynamics and more statics, you should look for models that also offer fixed seating positions. The RECARO Exo has four seat settings:

  1. The “Attack” position
  2. The “Core Focus” position
  3. "Core Relax" position
  4. The “Recharge” position

Premium design

The design of the gaming chair is a matter of taste. While some gamers crave a minimalist design that integrates perfectly into the living room, extroverted gamers crave something eye-catching. When it comes to our gaming chairs, it's up to you: colourful and eye-catching or elegant understatement?


Guide and frequently asked questions about gaming chairs

The proper care of your gaming chair

Taking care of your gaming chair should not be taken lightly. With the right approach, you can preserve the look of your gaming chair and increase its lifespan.

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The best ergonomics for gaming

What does ergonomic sitting at the PC actually mean? What really matters when sitting and what else can you do to improve your concentration and performance?

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Gaming chair or office chair?

Opinions differ on the decision "gaming chair or office chair". However, it is not the type of chair that makes a good fit, but the features that are responsible for the quality of the chair.

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How do I deduct my office chair from tax?

The office chair is one of the most important work tools in the company. Every day we take a seat on the cushion to carry out our upcoming tasks. High-quality office chairs – such as the RECARO Aer and RECARO Exo – are designed with ergonomics in mind. They ensure back health and protect the muscular and bone system. Fortunately, expenses for office furniture and work equipment are also tax-deductible. You can find out how this works in our guide: Deducting office chairs from your taxes.


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