Gaming chairs from RECARO

Overview of RECARO Exo gaming chair models

At RECARO we offer various gaming chairs suitable for ambitious PC and console gamers, casual gamers, eSports professionals, and competitive gamers alike. As a certified office chair, the RECARO Exo is also ideal for use in the office and home office.

The RECARO Exo is the basic variant of our gaming chair, but it already fulfills the full spectrum for ergonomics and comfort. All three models of the Exo also feature an individually configurable backrest and four adjustable basic positions.

Exo FX and Exo Platinum also offer 5D armrests for even more adjustment options, as well as a lightweight aluminum base and other special features.

All of our chairs are made in Germany and satisfy the highest criteria in terms of safety, features, comfort, and environmental protection.

The first level


The basic model combines important core features of our gaming chair. The special seat shell design provides ideal stability and ergonomics. The breathable materials also ensure the perfect comfort for heated action in all temperature conditions.

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  • Unique seat shell
  • Breathable materials
  • Four adjustable basic positions
  • Individually configurable backrest
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • Anti-submarining hump
  • Cold foam from the world of motorsports
  • 4D armrest with padding
  • Fiberglass-reinforced plastic base
  • TÜV-certified office chair
  • Load capacity up to max. 150kg
  • Made in Germany
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The upgrade


The RECARO Exo FX has innovative 5D armrests, which offer additional individual adjustment options compared to the basic 4D model. Thanks to the 5D armrests, the Exo FX and Exo Platinum can also be ideally adapted to any desk.

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The armrests can be folded back if necessary—ideal if you want to play with a controller—also making the Exo FX and Exo Platinum ideal for console players and the perfect gaming chairs for PlayStation and Xbox owners. In addition, the Exo FX has an even higher quality lightweight aluminum base.

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All Exo Features

  • Innovative 5D armrest with aluminum support
  • High-quality lightweight aluminum base
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The maximum level

RECARO Exo Platinum

The RECARO Exo Platinum comes with even more extras. The Platinum is the ultimate gaming chair and impresses with additional design details. Depending on the color variant, the seat comes with a white or completely black seat and back shell.

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The Exo Platinum combines all the advantages of the series with additional premium visual elements. The perfect seat for PC and console gamers, and home office and office use. The design castors are real eye-catchers, as are the mesh fabric accents. The complete package (not only) for gamers!

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All Exo FX Features

  • Special castors made of reinforced copolymer
  • Mesh fabric accents
  • Combination of several high-quality breathable materials
  • Seat shell in off-white or pure black
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Gaming chairs of the highest quality

The RECARO Gaming chairs were developed in cooperation with eSports professionals and gamers to meet the highest demands. The seats are made in Germany and, thanks to RECARO’s decades of experience, ensure the highest level of comfort and the best possible quality. Whether you’re into racing games or relaxed simulations and strategy games, our chairs support the best possible seating position for every genre, thus offering numerous advantages.

The sitting posture is also optimized thanks to the wide range of adjustment options, RECARO’s proprietary mechanism, and lumbar support. The high-quality, breathable materials ensure a pleasant seat climate even at high temperatures, and make cleaning the gaming chair child’s play. Optionally available: The perfect cushion for the RECARO Exo: the RECARO neck rest.

The chairs are suitable for people of almost any height and are certified for weights of up to 150kg. The ergonomic seat and ample seat width together with the anti-submarining hump and the seat shells ensure great support at all times. These and other features make the RECARO Gaming chairs ideal companions in the office or home office, and especially in the living room or gaming room at home.