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The four RECARO seating positions

Everyone has their own favorites, be it certain game series or genres. During development, we repeatedly interviewed gamers and eSports enthusiasts, and had them sit on prototypes. One thing struck us during the process: gamers often adopt certain basic positions.

These experiences have been incorporated into the four basic positions of RECARO Exo, which are particularly suitable for certain genres or simply for relaxing:

Illustration of the “Attack” position of the RECARO Exo gaming seat.

The “Attack” position

Maximum concentration and lightning-fast reactions: in the “Attack” position, you can react especially quickly and are fully focused on the action on your monitor. This position is suitable for click-intensive games such as MOBAs, but also for shooters of all kinds.

Illustration of the “Core Focus” position of the RECARO Exo gaming seat.

The “Core Focus” position

The “Core Focus” position ensures full concentration—perfect for action adventures that require precise maneuvers, but where a fraction of a second does not necessarily matter. Role-playing games and open-world adventures are also best played this way.

Illustration of the “Core Recharge” position of the RECARO Exo gaming seat.

The “Core Relax” position

The perfect mix of relaxation and focus—ideal for strategy games, adventure games, and turn-based titles. In this position, you can concentrate on work or entertainment for many hours.

Illustration of the “Core Relax” position of the RECARO Exo gaming seat.

The “Recharge” position

A little YouTube or Twitch to relax? A few episodes of your favorite show or just kicking back post-workout? Then the “Recharge” position is made for you.