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Home-office is here to stay

Productivity in the office stands and falls with the office chair. If the seat does not match your requirements and needs, productivity will plummet and physical complaints will become noticeable. We show you what features you should look for when buying your office chair.

Office chairs are designed to create optimal conditions for office workers. With the buttocks resting on the soft seat cushion and the upper body and head supported by the backrest, nothing stands in the way of checking off the daily to-do list. 


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5 things your home office chair must have

It is not the name that makes a seat an office chair. It is the features and the construction method that distinguish a good seat. A chair that guarantees concentration and performance in the office must have the following features:

Freedom of movement

Ergonomics in every fiber

Chairs like RECARO Rae have an optimal seat contour, which allows to take a natural posture. The cushion should provide great comfort and prevent the formation of pressure points. The shape stability should be at all times and the multi-zone foam should follow the movements of the body.

The lumbar support has already become a standard feature in the automotive sector and should not be missing in the office or at home. It must be positioned so that it follows the course of the spine and provides relief for the intervertebral discs and the lumbar spine. At the level of the waistline, the lumbar support ensures the back health and motivation of the sitter.


No matter how well thought out the design of the office chair may be. Without premium materials and excellent build quality, the sitting experience will deteriorate. Premium materials and expert workmanship - from the casters to the headrest - are accordingly the be-all and end-all of a good office chair. They contribute to the chair's resilience and durability.

Furthermore, the individual elements of the seat should be sustainable and have been produced in environmentally-friendly processes. User-friendly maintenance is an additional aspect that contributes to the top quality of an office chair. The delivery of already assembled individual parts facilitates the assembly of the piece of furniture.

Freedom of movement from head to toe

Every person is unique. Not only the body size varies, but also the length of the extremities and the upper body. For this reason, it is essential that the office chair can be easily adapted to all body sizes and types.

The position of the arms plays a major role in a person's freedom of movement. Especially when working, it is important to be able to place your arms and hands correctly in order to operate the computer keyboard. With the help of 4D multifunctional armrests, you will be able to adopt a comfortable position. They can be adjusted individually at the touch of a button to change the rotation, depth and distance from the seat. But the significance of the width of the armrests should not be underestimated.

Flexibility - between static and motor

The human body is not used to remaining still for a long period of time. If the extremities, spine and neck are not moved from time to time, muscle spasms and unpleasant pain will result. Thus, the office chair must master the fine balancing act between supportive function and flexibility.

With the help of the synchronous mechanism, the art of sitting in motion can be realized. The backrest and seat are not fixed, but flexibly connected so that the office chair can follow the natural movements of the body. The body is thus able to perform the balancing act of static and motor activity in everyday working life.

Premium design

As is well known, there is no accounting for taste, because one's own sense of beauty is individual. Nevertheless, there are designers who time and again succeed in creating box-office hits that become all-time favorites among customers. They combine functionality and visual appeal in such a way as to create an ergonomic masterpiece with an aesthetic touch. Little things like the shape and color scheme can be varied if the basic concept is right!


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How do I deduct my office chair from tax?

The office chair is one of the most important work tools in a company. Every day, we take a seat on the upholstery to carry out our tasks. High-quality office chairs - such as the RECARO Rae and RECARO Exo - are designed with ergonomics in mind. They ensure back health and protect the musculoskeletal system. Fortunately, expenses for office furniture and work equipment are tax-deductible. We show you how this works in the following article.


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