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Seat shell & breathable materials

Hot action and pure tension, often compounded by the high temperatures in summer. In these moments, it's hard for all gamers to stay focused, even eSports professionals. That's why we chose breathable fabrics for the RECARO Exo. These help to transport heat and keep your head cool in all temperatures and in all game situations. This is the only way you can fully concentrate on your game and deliver top performance.

For the foam in the seat cushion, we have drawn on our decades of experience in the automotive sector—a decisive advantage that you will experience for yourself when you play.

The RECARO Exo gaming seat uses fabric materials that offer durability and breathability.

Advantages of a fabric cover

Our choice of fabric ensures the highest quality for years to come. Structure and material properties are important for lasting durability and breathability in all situations. The foam section, together with the high-quality gas pressure spring, absorbs the shock when sitting down, so even taking a seat becomes an experience. The foam contour and necessary hardness ensure perfect comfort.

With the RECARO EXO gaming seat, it’s not only the right choice of fabric that counts, but also the level of friction to ensure an ideal gaming experience.

The friction coefficient is also important with fabric; after all, it should always provide the ideal support without you having to waste energy on corrective movements.

This combination ensures that you don’t get tired, don’t sweat, and always have reliable support when gaming.

Shell seat design

The shell seat design is the basis for perfect ergonomics. The dyed and grained plastic of the shell is of high quality, robust, and at the same time easy to clean. The entire supporting structure is designed to provide your body with comfort, optimal seat pressure distribution, and ergonomic support, thereby delivering ideal support for lengthy gaming sessions.

The backrest design of the RECARO EXO gaming seat serves to shield the player from the environment so that they can fully concentrate on the game.

Backrest design

We also had a specific goal in mind when designing the backrest. The wide design shields you from your environment, allowing you to fully concentrate on the on-screen action. This is important not only for eSports professionals, but also for dedicated gamers who want to get the most out of their competitive matches. At the same time, even tall gamers get perfect support up to the shoulder area.