RECARO Exo gaming chair

Whether you’re looking for a challenge, or want to relax and play, the RECARO Exo is the right hardware for you. Our gaming chair is designed to keep your body in an ergonomically ideal position. So you’re sitting properly and can concentrate fully on what matters: gaming.

Mere milliseconds to make the right reaction.
Critical in determining victory or defeat.

The RECARO Exo sets new standards in the gaming chair sector. Its gaming optimized contours provide perfect support even during long gaming sessions.
For more focus. For more performance. For more victories.

Will our seat impress the experts? PC Games Hardware puts it to the test.


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Our chair was designed from the ground up with gamers in mind. Its design and features support ambitious gamers. Thanks to innovative mechanics and sophisticated adjustment options, you will find the right sitting position for you with our chair. No matter what type of gamer you are: the RECARO Exo makes you the focus.

Innovative armrest

The armrests of the RECARO Exo FX and Exo Platinum can be adjusted in terms of height and distance to the seat using innovative 5D functionality, rotated horizontally through 360°, and folded away to the side and back for more space when gaming. This means that the soft-touch support pads, which can also be adjusted lengthways, are always where you want them. The RECARO Exo has armrests with 4D functionality.

Side bolsters for perfect support

The seat shell adopts the contours typical of RECARO sports seats. While providing you with defined support, it also discreetly shields you from the outside world. The ergonomic shape of the gaming seat is designed to support and relieve the body. This ensures full concentration during long sessions. The features: firm body position thanks to sculptured side bolsters, and ideal support in the pelvic and lumbar regions due to the contours of the seat’s padding.

Lumbar support and anti-submarining hump

The padding is crucial for the seat’s feel, comfort, and correct ergonomics. The combination of the anti-submarining hump in the seat cushion and the intelligent support of your body in the upper iliac crest area and the lumbar support in the backrest always keep your body in the optimal position—even if you tilt your seat cushion far forward.

Swing function

Thanks to our specially developed swing function integrated into the seat, you can loosen your back muscles during breaks and for relaxation. This function has two steps for the radius of movement to choose from. You can adjust the spring force to suit your body weight using the hand wheel.

Backrest and recliner

Personalize your sitting position: in addition to the four basic positions, you can fine-tune the seat height, the seat tilt, the spring force of the swing function, the backrest angle, and the position of the armrests. In this way, you will always find the setting that suits you and the way you play.

Ultimate seating comfort

The specially developed padding foam comes from RECARO’s years of experience in the automotive sector, and is designed for long-lasting seating comfort and unbeatable durability.