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The RECARO team plays

Our team at RECARO eGaming has a great deal of experience, but we are also gamers ourselves. Today, we would like to introduce you to three of our team members and let you know which games they are currently playing.

Timo - Event Manager at RECARO eGaming

When it comes to event planning, Timo is our number one contact. Our appearance at Gamescom or our visit to smaller events, such as Retro Classics or smaller events, such as Retro Classics or Lord of Games, Timo is primarily in charge of these at RECARO eGaming. Privately, however, he sinks some hours in turn-based strategy titles and role-playing games.

Timo is currently playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the Nintendo Switch and Age of Wonders: Planetfall on the PC. It's all about strategy for him.

All-time favorite:

Sacrifice (2000): Relatively unique gameplay, a third-person real-time strategy (RTS) game with voice actors that hardly anyone knew at the time but have since become an integral part of the scene (Jennifer Hale, Tim Curry, Kath Souc (Jennifer Hale, Tim Curry, Kath Soucie). A game that was several years ahead of its time. years ahead of its time. Nice dark and macabre atmosphere, a lot of black humour and for an RTS a lot of decision possibilities - after all, you could compete for the you could vie for the favour of five different gods by fulfilling their missions. The fact that they can't stand each other and resent it when you choose another one, and resent it when you choose another one.

Unfortunately, the graphics did not age as well as many other games that implemented 3D animation early on.

The team discusses strategies for Fire Emblem

Tobias: Cooperation Manager at RECARO eGaming

Partnerships and cooperations are just two of the topics, Tobias takes care of at RECARO eGaming. We are currently working with NoLimit.GG, for example, and the eSports professionals from Austria even have their own even have their own team house for training. You will learn more about our partners more about our partners in the coming weeks and months.

Tobias focuses on rather uneventful, but nevertheless challenging titles. Currently, he is playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, World of Warcraft: Classic, and Gwent. But he has also spent numerous hours on Warcraft 3 and Minecraft.

How World of Warcraft led to a happy relationship led:

When I switched from Alliance to Horde in Burning Crusade, I also convinced my sister to start playing WoW. Shortly afterward, she met her boyfriend (a blood elf, love is blind...) in the game and has happily been in a relationship with him ever since (2007).

Christian - Content and Social Media Manager at RECARO eGaming

No matter whether it is content on the website, in a newsletter or posts on our social networks. Almost everything that sooner or later ends up on Christian's desk, so you've almost certainly already so you've almost certainly already read some of his work.

As Christian has worked for years as an editor and also as a community manager in the games industry, he has of course played countless games. played countless games.

Currently, he is also busy playing on the Switch and reminiscing as he plays Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.

Sometimes calm, sometimes full of action:

I actually play pretty much every genre, but my favourites are favourite, however, are role-playing games and strategy titles. That's why I've been for the announcement of XCOM 3 and I'm already looking forward to the very similar similar Phoenix Point. When there are no games in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) with friends, however, a quiet time in Euro Truck Simulator 2 can come in very handy for me.

After work, we also turn our attention to a friendly round of Mario Kart in the office every now and then.

What's your all-time favorite and what are you currently playing? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and let us know!