Here’s what you could see at PDXCON

23.10.2019 | 1 min read

Last weekend, PDXCON took place in Berlin and RECARO was there as a partner. At the Paradox Interactive convention, the strategy experts presented numerous expansions and entirely new games. Visitors were able to listen to talks by the developer and play comfortably for hours on the RECARO Exo gaming seat.

Hundreds of gamers gathered at the Funkhaus in Berlin from Friday to Sunday to follow the news from Paradox Interactive.

The new announcements at PDXCON

Paradox Interactive used its own convention to unveil successors, new titles, and numerous expansions. The expansion "Federations" and a new race called Lithoids were revealed for the space strategy game "Stellaris". "Age of Wonders: Planetfall" will also be getting its first expansion with Revelations on November 19.

Visitors were able to test the newly announced content on site and take a seat on the RECARO Exo

In addition, "Crusader Kings 3" was officially unveiled at PDXCON and a completely new title, "Surviving the Aftermath", was shown. So, there was plenty of good news from the convention for strategy fans. On the other hand, those who are feverishly waiting for "Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2" will have to be patient for a little while longer. The role-playing vampire game has been postponed and will not be released until later next year.

Tournaments and competitions were also hosted at PDXCON

Lots of presentations and videos

In addition to the new announcements, there were also glimpses behind the scenes. The developers explained design processes and much more. Gamers and developers were able to try out the RECARO Exo gaming seat and remain comfortably seated even during long talks or gaming sessions.

Our partnership with Paradox Interactive doesn't end with PDXCON, but is just beginning. Currently, you receive three games from Paradox Interactive with the purchase of a gaming seat from RECARO. The promotion runs until Sunday, 10/27/2019.

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