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The RECARO Exo belt addon

Under the internal codename "Project Longbelt," a small team sworn to utmost secrecy has been working on a groundbreaking world first on the gaming market. Most of the employees of the RECARO Group have been entirely unaware of this top-secret project, but today we wish to share the secret with all of you. Presenting the RECARO Gaming belt addon!

The (hidden) dangers for gamers

In recent years, the number of gamers worldwide has risen rapidly, and the pandemic also contributed greatly to this surge. Many people regard gaming as a safe hobby, but the number of unreported injuries is said to have reached enormous proportions. Those who are now thinking of injuries to fingers, wrists, and similar only see the superficial dangers of gaming.

We spoke to numerous gamers who reported much more serious injuries. But because they are ashamed of their accidents, we have changed the names of those affected in the article to protect them.

Hearing from the victims – Here are their stories!

Dehny El.* was one of the first few gamers who contacted us, the safety experts at RECARO Gaming. "I had a stellar career ahead of me as a racing driver. I always knew that motorsports was dangerous, but what I didn't want to believe was that gaming would ultimately turn out to be much more dangerous! Often, I'd squeeze in extra practice sessions at home on my gaming chair with a steering wheel. But one day it happened out of the blue."

"I was really leaning into the curve, as many of us gamers do when the immersion has really gotten us caught up in the game, and then it happened. I slid out of my chair and there was a crash. Shortly afterward, I received the horrific news. My hand was broken in multiple places from hitting the hard carpet and my racing career was over, both virtually and on the track! A belt addon would have saved my career if it had existed at the time..."

Dehny El.* was just one of many who contacted us. Another harrowing story was told to us by Kraistian Weh.* "We all know that feeling—your pulse is racing, and every second could be your last—in the game at least, that's what my friends and I used to think. The enemy could be lurking around every corner, so what do you do as a gamer? That's right, you tilt your head and body to the side. After all, that's the only way you can look around the virtual corners to see the enemy before you are seen. But the real danger here was not being shot in the virtual world, as I soon realized. I tilted my gaming chair once again and then it happened—I tipped out of the chair and broke several ribs! Even today I feel the pain just thinking about gaming, it's nothing short of a tragedy!"

*Name changed to protect the authors

Developed with and for those affected

After RECARO Gaming learned of these shocking strokes of fate, we contacted Dehny* and Kraistian* and worked with them on the safety revolution in gaming. The RECARO Ex o belt extension can and will protect gamers from serious bodily injury in the future. In combination with the anti-submarining hill (the RECARO Exo is the only gaming chair in the world with this feature), the new seatbelts unfold their full potential. Whether action game or racing game, the Exo seatbelt extension is suitable for every genre.

For safe gaming: The RECARO Exo belt addon

Strap in and be secure: The RECARO Exo belt addon

The RECARO Exo belt addon is compatible with all Exo models and can now be ordered online in the store. Safety and fun no longer have to be mutually exclusive!