The RECARO Exo Sunset Orange ushers in the summer

6/17/2020 | 1 min. read

Summer is fast approaching and this has also had an effect on the color versions of our RECARO Exo gaming chair. It is with great pleasure that we present our latest version: the Exo and Exo FX in Sunset Orange.

The new Sunset Orange

With our Sunset Orange, you can bring a touch of summer into your home. The side elements of the Exo and Exo FX come in a bright orange, perfectly complementing the sunset in your own home. The subtle color elements give the otherwise mostly elegant black seat its special look.

The Sunset Orange is now available in our store

Further color versions to come in the course of the summer

With the RECARO Exo and Exo FX in Sunset Orange, we are starting a new round of new color versions for the summer of 2020. Those who have subscribed to our newsletter or follow us closely on our social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may already have noticed that there is still a lot more to come in terms of colors.

Over the course of the summer, you can expect new designs in Shadow Grey and Midnight Blue. For this reason, the two original models are currently available in our online store with a 15% discount. Our new version will come in a new shade of blue. We look forward to your early feedback!

The package is rounded off by a completely new color version. We are not revealing which one yet, but who knows—maybe you’ll find a hint on our social media channels in the coming weeks?

An exciting year lies ahead

In addition to various new color versions, we also have a few smaller and larger surprises in store for the rest of the year. As we did before the release of the RECARO Exo, we continue to count on your input and feedback both now and in the future.

What changes, improvements, or completely new features would you like to see? Which color do you think is still missing, or what would your dream seat look like?

Let us know because your feedback will be incorporated into improvements, accessories, and future color versions and seat developments. So make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and let us know what your dream seat would look like.