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Tax relief and bonus discount

Tax relief

Extra discount and VAT reduction

Customer service is top priority at RECARO, so from 7/1/2020 we’ll be passing on the full tax discount, giving you an additional bonus and making all of our gaming seats cheaper. Find out exactly what this means for the prices and what other promotions we have for you in this news digest.

New prices thanks to reduced VAT and RECARO bonus

The German government recently passed an economic stimulus package, which includes a 3% temporary reduction in VAT (7/1 to 12/31/2020). RECARO will not make any hidden price increases, but will instead be passing on an additional bonus on top of the reduced VAT, resulting in the following new prices for our gaming chairs from July 1 until December 31, 2020:

  • RECARO Exo: €749 down from €799
  • RECARO Exo FX: €849 down from €899
  • RECARO Exo Platinum: €949 down from €999

This will save you €50 on all our gaming chairs!

Update 10/1/2020:

To further improve and optimize our customer service and the ordering experience, we have made some changes. Among other things, we are therefore working with a new shipping service provider.

For you, this means significantly lower costs if you choose to return your seat, and an improved and accelerated delivery of the goods. The RECARO Exo is currently still shipping in two packages, but thanks to the optimization we are now able to deliver both packages at the same time. In the future, this process will be further optimized and our chairs will be delivered in a single box.

The lead time until delivery has also been significantly reduced. As a rule, you will now receive your seat within one to two working days. In addition, the delivery service will call you the day before to make sure someone is present to receive the goods.

However, all these optimizations and improvements have led to significantly increased costs, which we have to pass on to you in part, which is why our prices have now returned to their old levels (as they were until 7/1/2020).

Special discount on Exo Platinum Black & White

Last week we announced our collaboration with Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege’s GSA League 2020. The RECARO Exo Platinum Black & White is the official gaming chair of the eSports league and is on special offer to mark the occasion.

Use the code GSALEAGUE15 when you buy the RECARO Exo Platinum Black & White and you will save an additional 15% on top of the new discounted price. The code is valid until 8/31/2020 and must be redeemed in your cart in order for you to receive the discount.