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The perfect gaming chair for console gamers

Playing with a mouse and keyboard not your thing? Prefer a controller or a console even? Then we have good news for you, because with the RECARO Exo FX and Exo Platinum we use 5D armrests that offer you a number of advantages. We explain exactly what they look like and how they work in this article.

The 5D armrests of the RECARO Exo FX and Exo Platinum

If you play with a keyboard and mouse or work on a PC, adjustable armrests are worth their weight in gold. Resting your arms comfortably, and gaming or working for hours on end is no problem with the versatile, adjustable armrests of the RECARO Exo.

With the Exo FX and Exo Platinum, however, we go one better with the 5D armrests. These can be rotated 360 degrees at the front pivot point. This makes it possible to fold the armrests backward, so you can comfortably move your arms closer to your body and play even more comfortably with a controller.

The 5D armrests in action

Another useful setting is the inward rotation, which is possible by up to 30 degrees in the 4D armrest, and even 60 degrees in the 5D armrest. Thus, you can let your arms rest relaxed on the armrests and use a gamepad at the same time.

The greater degree of rotation, up to 180 degrees outwards on the 5D armrests, also helps when playing with a controller on a console or PC. But even if you want to play a few rounds on your mobile phone, the larger adjustment option comes in very handy.

Heavily built gamers will be pleased that the distance between the seat and armrests can be generously adjusted.

Individually adjusting the armrests

There is a locking lever under each armrest. When you release it, you can increase the distance between the seat and the armrest. If you press the button at the rear of the 5D armrest, you can rotate it up to 60 degrees inwards or 160 degrees outwards. The 5D armrest can also be rotated 360 degrees at the front pivot point.

The RECARO Exo FX and Exo Platinum are thus the first choice for gamers who use a controller or are looking for a gaming seat for their console setup.