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Which kind of gamer are you?

No matter how you sit, the RECARO Exo adapts to your wishes.

Why do you play? For the challenge, for entertainment, or to relax? For whatever reason gamers play, the important thing is that they are sitting well while doing so. When we designed the RECARO Exo, we found that most gamers fall into one of four similar postures during sessions. During the design process, we designed the ergonomics and mechanics with this in mind.

The reasons for playing games are manifold: challenge and competition, fun and entertainment, relaxation and escapism, longing and community—video games appeal to people in different ways.

When we developed our RECARO Gaming chair, we asked many gamers and active eSports players about their gaming habits, had them sit on prototypes, and watched them play.

What struck us was that a large part of the test group instinctively adopted one of four basic postures—from leaning heavily forward to a more relaxed, reclined position.

This is the basis for the four basic positions of the RECARO Exo, which are specifically tailored to different gamer types:

  • Attack
  • Core Focus
  • Core Relax
  • Recharge

In addition, our gaming chair has individual adjustment features that allow you to adapt the seat perfectly and in detail to your personal favorite posture—for example, with the hand wheels for the backrest angle, or through the flexible armrests with 5D functionality.

The “Attack” position

Here are two words that give early eSports gamers cold sweats: Zerg Rush. The sci-fi strategy game Starcraft from 1998 carried the concept of online tournaments and leagues into the mainstream for the first time. The decisive factor in a professional match was the speed of the players: scenarios have to be analyzed, strategies devised, and actions executed at lightning speed. A high APM (actions per minute) rate is also crucial—in other words, how many mouse clicks and keyboard commands the players are capable of. Many of today’s most popular games still carry this DNA. The “Attack” position has its origins in this scene.

Our recommendation: If you are explicitly looking for competition and want to get as close to the action as possible, this is the right position for you. This makes it particularly suitable for MOBAs like Dota2 and League of Legends, or online strategy matches like StarCraft II.

The “Core Focus” position

The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, the rubber duck puzzle in The Longest Journey, or pretty much every boss in the Dark Souls series: some levels and puzzles just aren’t that easy to solve. They demand your full concentration. The temptation to take the easy way out is great. After all, the walkthrough is only a browser window away. However, if you face this challenge purposefully, the victory will be all the sweeter. To do this, you must also be able to block out your surroundings to some extent.

Our recommendation: The “Core Focus” position helps you to focus better—not least because the shape of the headrest of the RECARO Exo discreetly shields you from the outside world. Use this position for more demanding and difficult games like God of War, Cuphead, The Witness, or Bloodborne.

The “Core Relax” position

Some people enjoy a tasty snack, a cool drink, and a good series after work. You start an exciting game: this way, you switch off after a tiring day. Video games are unique as a mass medium: they place you in the middle of the action, their world, and/or their story. The technical term for this is “immersion.” Some games captivate you with their story, others with a perfectly designed gameplay loop, others are an audiovisual trip.

Our recommendation: Choose the “Core Relax” position if you’re looking for the perfect mix of relaxation and focus—for example, exploring the vastness of the galaxy in Elite: Dangerous, or joining two brothers on their journey in Life is Strange 2.

The “Recharge” position

Sometimes it takes your team members longer than expected to join you online. Or you just want to take a break. In any case, your controller and hand are resting for a while. Whatever the case may be, with the “Recharge” position you can sit back for a while, recharge your batteries, and daydream if need be.

Our recommendation: With the “Recharge” position, you can also enjoy an ergonomic sitting posture while listening to music, watching series, or planning your strategies.

And what type of gamer are you? No matter what position you end up in, the RECARO Exo is designed to give your body ergonomic support without constricting you. With this in mind, have fun in your next session!

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