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Porsche x RECARO - A partnership that has lasted for decades

With the new RECARO x Porsche Pepita Gaming Seat we write the next chapter of our decade-long partnership between Porsche and RECARO. 

The partnership between Porsche and RECARO began even before the "Stuttgarter Karosseriewerk Reutter & Co." was renamed RECARO. At that time, the Reutter body shop produced, among other things, small series and prototypes in collaboration with Ferdinand Porsche. 

This initial collaboration resulted in the production of various bodies and interiors of several iconic vehicles, including the body including seats of the Porsche 356.

The passion for the automobile and the pursuit of perfection and performance drove both companies in their partnership. 

The decision to sell the body plant to Porsche and take on a new challenge as seat specialist RECARO opened another exciting chapter in the partnership between Porsche x RECARO . 

Thus, from the 1960s onwards, RECARO produced exclusively high-quality seats for Porsche's various models. 

Even today, various motorsport vehicles and in some cases various Porsche models are still equipped with RECARO seats.

This strong partnership has been deepened beyond the automotive sector, not least with the first joint RECARO x Porsche gaming seat, and is now being extended with the RECARO x Porsche Pepita gaming seat.

Photos: Reutter Family Archive, Stuttgart

Pepita pattern: the meaning of one of the most famous sitting patterns in the world  

With the RECARO x Porsche Pepita gaming seat, Porsche and RECARO Gaming a shared icon from the automotive sector to the gaming world.

The legendary Pepita pattern has carried absolute cult status for decades and enjoys a very special status among car and especially Porsche fans.

The starting signal for a glorious future for pepita fabric was given by Porsche and RECARO in the early 1960s.

Porsche presented the Porsche 911, still called the 901 at the time, at the Frankfurt IAA and thus, after the 356, not only created the basis for another Porsche legend, but also paved the way, together with RECARO , for what is now one of the most famous seat designs in the world!

In 1965, the Porsche 911 went into series production and was delivered with RECARO seats as standard - the contemporary Pepita fabric was at the top of the customer list here.

Porsche and RECARO struck a chord with this pattern, making it, among car enthusiasts, one of the most famous and popular fabric patterns in the world. 

This is also evident in the 2022 911 Sport Classic with Pepita pattern, which was produced as a tribute to the 60s and 70s, as a limited edition.

The RECARO x Porsche Pepita Gaming Seat also continues this tradition and brings the spirit of the Porsche RECARO past into the modern age.

Photo (left): Porsche AG Corporate Archives


The RECARO x Porsche gaming seat now revisits this successful interplay: Made of original Porsche Pepita fabric, its seat center panel is not only an exclusive, timelessly elegant design highlight, but also combines tradition with modern sportiness today as it did then. 

High-quality materials, excellent workmanship, and ergonomic support: The gaming seat impresses at first glance - and even after many hours of sitting. Inspired by the timeless lines and elegance of Porsche cars, it exudes exclusivity and style. At the same time, numerous adjustment options ensure an individual seating experience. Designed for ultimate performance, full control and unmatched comfort, the RECARO x Porsche gaming seat thus brings the authentic feeling from the race track directly into the gaming setup - combining perfect gaming pleasure with back health.  

Highlights from six decades of Porsche x RECARO partnership

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