The finals of the GSA League 2020 are coming

8/5/2020 | 3 min. read

The regular season of the GSA League 2020 in Rainbow Six Siege is over. Now the top four teams will compete for the title in the finals. We look back at the 14-game season, and give you a preview of the finals. Were there any real surprises or did the big favorites from the European League also prevail in their local league? Our GSA League special has all the answers.

In the GSA League 2020, eight teams from Austria, Switzerland, and Germany competed against each other over 14 matchdays (playing each other twice). The last regular matchday took place on Monday, which means that the four finalists have now been determined. These four teams will compete against each other in September for the title. RECARO has not only equipped the casters and experts with its Exo gaming seats, but will also provide seating for the teams in the final as a supplier. This will ensure that the eSports professionals are able to deliver their very best performance in the offline final.

How the GSA League season unfolded

This year, Ubisoft not only presented a new format with the GSA League, but there were also real surprises in the starting field. The local champions Team Secret (formerly Orgless) had already been confirmed as participants and would have started the season as clear favorites had it not been for the addition of Rogue and G2 Esports—two absolute top teams from the European League (formerly Pro League)—being invited to join the league. This meant that interest in the GSA League 2020 was high, both locally and internationally.


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Recap of the last matchday in the GSA League 2020

This meant that were suddenly three teams from the top European league for Rainbow Six Siege being represented in the GSA League. For some it was reason to rejoice, but others feared clear results in favor of the pro teams. And so, it should come as little surprise that all three organizations qualified for the finals, even if it was very close for Rogue in the end, finishing the league only one and two points above 5th-placed WarKidZ and FACT Gaming in 6th.

The table at the end of the season

Nevertheless, there were many exciting matches, and not only between the professional teams from the European League. Divizon in particular was impressive, securing a strong third place in the GSA League 2020. mYinsanity from Switzerland was the only team to pick up just one point and thus finish in last place by a wide margin. The top of the table was just as tight as the mid-table. In the end, there were only three points separating Team Secret in first place and Divizon in third.


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The teams from the European League often use these matches to test out new ideas and strategies, but on the last matchday in particular, Rogue and G2 did not want to reveal tactics that could be used in the upcoming finals at the Six Major. Nevertheless, even the smaller organizations benefited from the matches against the several-time European and World Champion squads of G2 and Rogue, gaining a lot of experience from the matches against two of the best teams in the world.

Looking ahead to the final round to crown the champion of the GSA League 2020

The final round for the top 4 of the GSA League 2020 will take place over the weekend of September 12–13, 2020. The following teams will compete for the title of champion:

  • Team Secret
  • G2 Esports
  • Divizon
  • Rogue

Team Secret has the opportunity to defend its title. The big favorite, however, is likely to be G2 Esports, at least if they go into the finals in full earnest. Divizon is the dark horse among the professional teams. The guys can therefore play unburdened by pressure and may perhaps cause a real upset. Rogue, on the other hand, could prove for the first time that they also have what it takes to be a top team offline. So far, the organization has only been dominant in online leagues.


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RECARO is keeping its fingers crossed for all the teams in the final round. We are sure that we are in for two exciting days in September. You can follow the finals on YouTube and Twitch.