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This is the RECARO Exo gaming chair

Who is actually behind the Exo Gaming Chair? What makes our models so special, and why should you get an Exo, Exo FX or Exo Platinum? In this article, we introduce you to some of the most important features, go into the specifics, and introduce RECARO as a company. This article is therefore aimed at all those who do not yet know RECARO and our Exo (that well).

This article is mainly aimed at new visitors and interested parties. While the Exo has already been on sale in Germany and Austria for more than two years, the RECARO Gaming brand and especially the Exo may not yet be so well known to our new visitors from Europe.

Who is RECARO and what distinguishes us from the rest?

For more than 50 years, RECARO has been developing and manufacturing seats in Germany, and we have drawn on this enormous background knowledge in the design and manufacture of the RECARO Exo. Seats from RECARO can be found in cars, they are used in motor sports, in stadiums all over the world, but you may also have often sat on seats from RECARO when flying. Even for the little ones, RECARO has the right models in its portfolio, because RECARO Kids takes care of child seats and prams. All these seats combine performance, design, quality and meet the highest safety standards.

RECARO seats are used all over the world, including in aircraft

Many other manufacturers have entered the market for gaming chairs but cannot draw on decades of experience in design and ergonomics. The partly manual production in Germany also clearly sets us apart from other products on the market. “Made in Germany” has always stood for the highest quality, and this continues with the Exo.

In May 2019, the RECARO Exo, Exo FX, and Exo Platinum were also released as the first gaming chairs of the long-established brand. In addition to our own experience from 50 years of seat development, countless feedback loops with gamers and eSports professionals also went into the development of the Exo. The result: our RECARO Exo family.

What makes the RECARO Exo so special?

At RECARO we do not compromise on quality, ergonomics, comfort, or safety. Therefore, all three models in the Exo family offer the same seating comfort. The differences between our models are in the areas of additional features (such as 5D armrests) and design details (such as the mesh elements) that additionally set the Exo FX and Exo Platinum apart from the Exo base model.

Well-known greats such as rally legend Walter Röhrl swear by RECARO seats

The biggest special features of the Exo models include the unique seat shell, our hand wheels on both sides of the backrest, the integrated lumbar support, the unique anti-submarining hump, our own RECARO mechanics, the cold foam from the motorsport sector, the 5D armrests, and our breathable materials.

Almost all components of the RECARO Exo are our proprietary developments or optimized components. Only in this way was it possible to fulfill our requirements for design, quality, performance, ergonomics, and safety in our gaming chairs. Our seat units are therefore delivered in one piece, the seat shell and back shell are already connected to each other when they leave our factory. In combination with our cold foam, the shells ensure a unique seating experience.

While other chairs usually rely on steel constructions, we use specially designed and manufactured plastic seat shells. In combination with other elements, these offer enormous advantages, such as support for the entire body. Thus, every area is ideally supported, and the typical wear on the seat cannot occur. The pressure distribution ensures maximum ergonomics and a comfortable seating experience for the user.

Unique advantages of our gaming chairs

Thanks to RECARO’s mechanics, we were also able to combine ergonomics with the individual requirements of gaming. Many gamers and eSports professionals tend to adopt a forward-leaning posture, where normal chairs lack the back support—not so with the RECARO Exo. Our unique “Attack” position allows the body to be supported even in this posture, and the backrest can also be individually adjusted using the hand wheels.

The RECARO Exo ideally supports players even in the forward-leaning position

The combination of the breathable materials, seat shell, and anti-submarining hump bring further advantages to the Exo. This is the only way to ensure sufficient ventilation and cooling of the body. At the same time, these components ensure secure and firm support without constricting the user. This means that the Exo is always able to provide ideal support for the body, even during long gaming sessions at high temperatures.

Our Exo FX and Exo Platinum models also offer unique 5D armrests. In addition to a highly comfortable cushioning for the arms, they can be adjusted in even more ways. The benefits include adjustment for any user, any genre, and virtually any type of desk. The 5D armrests can be adjusted in practically any direction, and they can also be pushed backward, making sitting cross-legged or using controllers, for example, more comfortable.

The test winner among gaming chairs

The Exo family was voted the winner among gaming chairs in numerous tests in Germany. In addition, the RECARO Exo received the 2020 German Design Award. All seats are certified by TÜV Rheinland as office chairs with a maximum load capacity of 150kg. All models also bear the globally recognized GS seal, which stands for the highest safety and quality standards.

All models are also certified office chairs

More information about the models, features, and benefits, as well as about the company, can be found in the various sections of our website. Questions can be directed to us at any time via social media or customer support.